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Do I Really Need a Realtor?

Reasons You Should Work With a Realtor

A good real estate professional can guide you through the home buying and selling process.

An Expert Guide

 When buying or selling a home, there are extensive forms, reports, disclosures and other technical documents that a real estate professional can guide you through. An expert helps prevent delays and costly mistakes.

An Objective Opinion

 A real estate professional can provide you with data, facts, school ratings, zoning information, utilites, etc. to help you decide which property has everything you need, and can use this information in marketing your home, if selling.

An Advocate

Real estate professionals have a fidicuary responsibility to put their client’s interests first. A realtor is bound by law to negotiate, advise and inform you of all pertinent information to help you come to an agreement that is in your best interest.

An Extensive Resource

Real estate professionals not only provide their expert knowledge, but that of their network as well-from access to information before it appears on MLS to recommending other professionals that can help get your property ready after you buy or before you sell.

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